Huntington Edition: Wild & Wonderful BBQ

By Candace Nelson - 10:56 PM

Wild wonderful bbq

Wild & Wonderful BBQ is a food truck that doles out pulled pork, smoked bologna & sausage, and brisket sandwiches in addition to a bevy of sides.

Wild wonderful bbq

Based in Huntington, the truck can be found at events locally. I visited them to get my hands on some grub. First things first, I ordered the Mountaineer Cheesesteak with pork, sautéed peppers, and cheese on a hoagie roll. I liked this well enough, but I wish the cheese was cheesing more. I think the cheese sauce was a bit too thin, so it didn't lightly melt. It kinda got soaked up. I did enjoy the twist with the pork though; it added a nice flavor.

Wild wonderful bbq

And while it might not be the most appealing visually, the smoked scalloped potatoes were pretty good. Scalloped potatoes are one of my preferred mediums of potato and, to have them cheesy and smoked, that took it up a notch.

Wild wonderful bbq

Because the nature of the restaurant, the menu can change bit by bit. What have you had here? What's been your favorite?

Wild wonderful bbq

Grade: B

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