Wheeling Edition: China Wok

By Candace Nelson - 7:07 PM

China Wok

I've been woring my way through Chinese–American take out restaurants in the Northern Panhandle for some time now. Whenever I go to visit my parents, I will often stop and grab lunch for us. I try to pick the new place each time, and it can't be too far away from home so that it doesn't get cold. That means I usually end up in the Moundsville-Wheeling area.

China Wok

Such is the case with China Wok in the Bethlehem neighborhood of Wheeling. they offer the standard fare, including fried rice, lo mein, specialty chicken, beef, and pork dishes, and more. It also has the added benefit of online ordering, which makes it easier for me. I usually order a few different entrées; this time included General Tso's chicken, crab rangoons, peanut butter chicken, sesame chicken, and steamed veggies.

China Wok

I would say everything was as expected. I liked that the peanut butter chicken was an option because I don't see that often, but it was a bit dry for my taste. I did enjoy the lo mein, which had some more moisture. Both of sesame chicken and General Tso's were pretty similar save for the sesame seed topping. A little sweet, a little stringy. My favorite bites, though, were are those bites of white rice drenched in the General Tso sauce.

China Wok

Grade: B

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