Bridgeport Edition: Drifter Doughnuts

By Candace Nelson - 9:38 PM

Bridgeport farmers market

Let me set a scenario for you: It's a cool late summer/early fall day. You're at the farmers market. There's a donut food truck. Does it get much better? I caught Drifter Doughnuts at tbe Bridgeport Farmers Market recently and had to get my hands on these mini donuts.

Bridgeport farmers market

They serve a small boatload of mini donuts topped with all sorts of goodies, like fruit, nuts, caramel, and even bacon. I went for cherry crisp, which had cherry pie filling, cream cheese icing and graham cracker crumbles. Sweet, crisp donuts with that fruity, comforting topping - a delish snack on this day.

Bridgeport farmers market

Grade: A

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