Lewisburg Edition: Marathon on Route 219

By Candace Nelson - 9:48 PM

Lewisburg Marathon pepperoni roll

It's not the first time - and it won't be the last - that I've been told a gas station in West Virginia makes the best pepperoni rolls.

Lewisburg Marathon pepperoni roll

A lot of times, pepperoni rolls at gas stations are made in house, so it's very likely that these pepperoni rolls are truly some of the tastiest you can get on the road.

Lewisburg Marathon pepperoni roll

I had to check out this gas station just north of Lewisburg because of the rave reviews. And, this was a pretty good pepperoni roll. It wasn't as fresh as it could've been, and I think it sat under the heating lamp a touch too long. But I did enjoy the fluffy interior that had a bit of sweetness and a solid meat to dough ratio.

Lewisburg Marathon pepperoni roll

Grade: B

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