Hershey, PA Edition: Fire & Grain

By Candace Nelson - 8:22 PM

Fire & Grain

At the Hershey Lodge, there is a restaurant called Fire & Grain.

Fire & Grain

"Experience the energetic and engaging atmosphere of Fire & Grain®, featuring gathering tables, a fire wall, and a full service bar. Enjoy an innovative restaurant menu for breakfast and dinner, crafted with re-mastered comfort foods and flavorful cocktails. Dine with us for any occasion! Fire & Grain is a comfortable and unique restaurant for a birthday dinner, an easy-going breakfast with family, or a fun night out for cocktails with coworkers," according to the website.

Fire & Grain

I ordered the New York strip steak with crispy herb potato wedges, roasted mushrooms, shallots and horseradish bernaise. This has a few of my keywords: mushrooms, horseradish, etc. I enjoyed this, but it was all a bit heavy. It was a little overcooked, the starch, so that horseradish bernaise would have been perfect if it was amped up x10. And maybe some fresh herbs!

Fire & Grain

Grade: B

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