Kirby Edition: EH Chocolates & More

By Candace Nelson - 10:48 PM

EH Chocolates

There are a handful of chocolate-makers in West Virginia - the most recent one I discovered was EH Chocolates. Based in Kirby, the chocolatier uses Swiss chocolate and makes chocolate creations in truffle form. Some of their popular candies include peanut butter buckeyes, chocolate covered strawberries and coconut eggs.

EH Chocolates

Here's a little bit about Chef Eric Hott: "I was born in Winchester, VA and grew up on a farm in Kirby, West Virginia. My mother is from Hornberg, Germany and my dad is from Kirby, where my family still lives ...  My grandmother always had something cooking and she definitely taught me a lot about good home cooking and country style food. That’s where a lot of my creations and dishes started. Mixing together ingredients to inspire new flavors, designs and textures were all things that I noted to make a twist on many foods. ... High School did not provide all the food classes during my attendance, but I made the best of what I could get. Sweets, from pastries, chocolates and desserts became a big passion for me. Just hearing the positive feedback on these creations was a positive boost of self-esteem. After graduating High School in 2003, I moved to Baden-Baden, Germany and started a three year apprenticeship to obtain my Culinary Arts Degree. Working with Swiss Chocolate alongside a French Pastry Chef at the Kurhaus Firm/ Confiserie Rumpelmayer, became the new ground rule. ... Ten years in Europe provided me with so much experience and wisdom. I spent the summer of 2013 creating and designing recipes while enjoying the task of gardening to processing the produce. I call it back to the roots, literally. Nature provides a lot, it is a matter of what is made and done with it. In the meantime, I started a small business called EH Chocolates & More/Farm Food. I have put my chocolate creations into many different taste assortments in truffle form. I enjoy the aspect of allowing locals to experience chocolate at a gourmet level. I use Swiss chocolate exclusively; therefore, it has its own standard for quality. "

EH Chocolates

I had reached out and set up an appointment to pick up an assortment of chocolates, as well as some chocolate-covered strawberries. There's really something special about a box of assorted chocolates. Each and every one is like a little treasure. It's clear these are made with loving attention. to detail, because the flavors are clear and perfectly combined.

EH Chocolates

If you haven't had a chance to check them out,  add this to your must-try West Virginia list.

EH Chocolates

Grade: A

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