Ceredo Edition: Holy Smoke BBQ And Comfort Foods

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Holy Smokes BBQHoly Smokes BBQ in Ceredo has made a name for itself for being pretty dang tasty. It took me a minute to get over to the area, but I finally did.

Holy Smokes BBQAnd while they have BBQ in their name, they also have a ton of other enticing options on their menu, like burgers, philly cheesesteaks, and meatloaf. On this overcast day, I asked what soups they had. The conversation went something like this:

Holy Smokes BBQServer: White bean, chicken tortilla and chicken & dumpling.
Me: I'll take chicken & dumpling.
Server: Do you want the two sides with it - green beans and potatoes?
Me: With soup?
Server: Well, we call it soup.
We stare at each other. The girls laugh to one another. I say OK to end this awkward transaction.

Holy Smokes BBQWhat I got was a plate of chicken and dumplings - which was very good. I loved the dumplings, the gravy, the potatoes and the roll. It was a very strange interaction.
Grade: A

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