Elkins Edition: T-Mart

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

TmartT-Mart in Elkins is a convenience store that also serves up some hot food.

TmartThe menu consists of options for all three meals in the day. From breakfast sandwiches and lunchtime specials, T-Mart has a little bit of everything.

TmartThat includes subs, sandwiches, salads, soups, hot dogs and more.

TmartFirst, though, my eyes gravitated toward a basket of pepperoni rolls. The ones with a little red dot have hot pepper cheese, so I nabbed one of those.

TmartAnd, the lunch special for the day was an Italian stromboli, so I got one of those too - plus an assortment of drinks, gummi lifesavers and Reeses. Hey, roadtrips call for snacks.

TmartThe stromboli was puffed up into a round ball of heaven. Buttery on the outside, the roll - once punctured - deflated a bit to reveal some some salami, cheese and peppers.

TmartNot great for heartburn, but great for the tastebuds. I would love if this thing was filled to the brim. But tasty, nonetheless.

Grade: B

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