Charleston Edition: Kita Modern Japanese

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Kita Modern Japanese restaurant is a new, flashy restaurant in Charleston.

KitaThe restaurant replaces a number of failed Asian restaurants in the same space.

KitaThere has been a great deal of turnover - from Red Fire Asian Grill to others that displayed business names that never even opened.

KitaThe interior is not unlike its predecessors. It's modern with some flashy details and a pretty open layout.

It wasn't long after they first opened that I visited. So I couldn't find a menu anywhere. But I arrived, pull up a seat to the bar and picked a few options to take home.

KitaOne of the first things I ordered was "Octopus" - brasied soft and charred, yuzu butter and tonkatsu grits.

KitaThis had some fantastic flavor. I really like octopus in general, and I appreciated the unique flavors here.

KitaThey were out of a few things I wanted - like bao buns and candied bacon. So I went with some other options.

KitaFried wontons are always an easy go-to for me. These little purses had a little sweet chili sauce underneath. A nice sweet and creamy combo.

KitaWe also went with an order of Kalbi, which is Korean BBQ short ribs. These had a good flavor, though the texture could use some improvement. A bit fatty and more bone than meat at some points. But the flavor was good.

KitaMoving onto sushi.

KitaWe ordered the "Mango Madness," which had smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, mango and covered in shoestring potatoes.

KitaDefinitely different - and tasty.

Grade: B

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