St. Louis, MO Edition: Park Avenue Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Park Avenue Coffee

Three words: Gooey Butter Cake. It's this flat, dense, ooey gooey "cake" that is covered with powdered sugar.

Park Avenue Coffee

"The history behind the gooey dish is questionable but stories we came across said it started out as a mistake and turned into the delicious treat we eat today. One story said the dish dates back to the 1930s when a German baker added the wrong ingredients to the coffee cake batter he was making, and it turned into a gooey, pudding-like filling, according to What’s Cooking America. Another story on that same website said while it was a mistake, the dessert was actually born in the early 1940s when a St. Louis baker named Johnny Hoffman of St. Louis Pastries Bakery created the dish. After many trial and errors Johnny and his dad, “got it pretty good.” Johnny’s mom came in to the shop to try it and said, “this sure is gooey” and, according to the story, that’s is how the name was born." - Source

Park Avenue Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee has 73 versions of gooey butter cake. From apple cinnamon to turtle and everything in between. For a first-timer, though, I went with the original. It is super thin - and very sweet - but delicious and buttery and so tasty.

Park Avenue Coffee
My coffee was a caramel "frappicano" - coffee milkshakes are my favorite.

Park Avenue CoffeeGrade: A

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