Charleston Edition: PJ Loyal Buffet

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

PJ Loyal
Everything old becomes new again!

PJ LoyalWhat was once China Gourmet has rebranded and changed its name to PJ Loyal Buffet, which prompted me to make another visit. 

PJ LoyalChina Gourmet wasn't my favorite local Chinese buffet, so I was interested to see what PJ Loyal Buffet offered.

PJ LoyalWalking inside, it looks much the same. There is sushi and a Mongolian stir fried station directly ahead.

PJ LoyalThere are some options to the left and to the right of that.

PJ LoyalThe left was more salad and fruit.

PJ LoyalAnd then the bulk of the entrees are to the right and include standard options - general tso's chicken, coconut chicken, beef and broccoli,  etc.

PJ LoyalEven though I went right during lunch rush, there were a good bit of items running low. Though, I did see them often replacing trays.

PJ LoyalSome of my favorites included their seafood bake and any sort of sweet and sour chicken. Nothing too different, but decent.

PJ LoyalGrade: B

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