St. Louis, MO Edition: Lombardo's Trattoria

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


Always and forever, I love pasta. So, when I learned that there was an Italian restaurant at the bottom of my hotel - and it was well-known for being good! - I was sold.


Lombardo's Trattoria is an Italian Restaurant that features salad, pasta, veal, beef and seafood. It's not a huge menu, but there is a nice variety.


"The Lombardo Family's legacy of fine food at moderate prices goes back almost 75 years, and the tradition continues today. Available at all of our locations, Lombardo's Famous Toasted Ravioli. Award winning oversized meat and spinach ravioli, lightly breaded and served with our house marinara sauce and grated cheese. You have to try at least one!" - Website


We started with some warm bread and butter. But I ordered that toasted ravioli not far behind it. I'm not sure why St. Louis calls it toasted, but it's essentially deep-fried, and it's a THING here. It's large beef-filled raviolis that have been deep-fried and blanketed in cheese with a side of marinara. Definitely tasty - and hearty.


My main dish here, though, was maybe one of my favorite dishes I've had thus far this year. It was a seafood rigatoni with shrimp, scallops, crab meat, peas, mushrooms, and white sauce. It was a creamy sauce that had those earthy mushroom flavors. Some brightness of color and flavor with the peas. And gosh, that creamy sauce. Divine.

Grade: A

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