Huntington Edition: Down Home Salads

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Down Home Salads
Down Home Salads in Huntington is less about fresh salads and more about a prepared salad - think pasta salads, potato salad, etc.

Down Home SaladsLocated in Huntington, Down Home Salads is a shop that serves up those salads, as well as pickles, jams and peppers.

Down Home Salads
So I pulled up and walked in. Music was blaring but no one was around. A few moments later, a kid came running to the front and turned the music off. I looked at the shelves - and they are a bit haphazardly filled.

Down Home SaladsSome are full of product, others have different labels, and others looked not totally full.

Down Home SaladsBut I searched through to find some neat options: caramelized paw paw jam with bourbon and then these candied banana peppers.

Down Home Salads
It looks like they have a good variety to choose from if you order in advance.

Down Home SaladsBut on the day of, they had coleslaw, potato salad and pasta salad in bags in the refrigerator.

Down Home SaladsThey were mostly these giant bags, so I asked if I could get some in a smaller quantity - like 1 lb.

Down Home SaladsFortunately, they can. So I ordered a 1 lb. container of the rotini pasta salad.

Down Home SaladsAnd, I like my pasta salad on the zesty side so I added some more Italian dressing.

Down Home SaladsWhat's your favorite thing from here?

Down Home Salads
I think that paw paw jam could make for a delicious dessert.
Down Home SaladsAnd I'm told their cole slaw is sold to some of the local hot dog joints, so that might be one to try in the future!

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