St. Louis, MO Edition: World's Fair Donuts

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

World Fair Donuts

World's Fair Donuts is a small, cash-only shop that sits at an awkward angle off two streets in St. Louis. They've been selling donuts for more than 30 years and always has a line of morning shop-goers in search of delicious sweet treats.

World Fair Donuts

The shop has a variety of donuts - filled, glazes, powdered and more. I asked what the most popular ones and was told the glazed is the fastest to sell out. That, and the blueberry chip cake donut is a classic. So, I went for both! The glazed was delicious and thick. The blueberry was my favorite of the two - I love a good cake donut. It's like a blueberry muffin in donut form.

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