Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam's "A Taste of Hill & Hollow"

By Candace Nelson - 5:24 PM

A taste of hill & hollow

Each year, Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha & Putnam brings one of West Virginia’s most talked-about restaurants to Charleston, giving the community a chance to dine on some of our state’s finest food. This year, they hosted Hill & Hollow of Morgantown for the annual fundraising dinner.

  A taste of hill & hollow

Hill & Hollow served unique dishes using Appalachian-sourced ingredients fused with modern cooking techniques. Each item on the menu was sourced from local farms.

  A taste of hill & hollow

This event was brand new to me. I hadn't had the chance to go in past years, but I had it circled on my calendar since the date was announced this year.

A taste of hill & hollow

And I was excited to be able to contribute some ideas for restaurants for the fundraiser. Hill & Hollow is always at the top of my recommendation list because the food is so unique, and you can't find it anywhere else.

A taste of hill & hollow

So, I was excited to see that one of my suggestions was chosen for the event. And, I was excited to participate in the event, too. I spent the first hour-ish taking tickets and then I found myself at the buffet.

A taste of hill & hollow

So, if some of the options look a little enjoyed, that is why.

A taste of hill & hollow

Appetizers included trout fondue, confit beef poutine, roasted pumpkin soup, salt-rising bread, charcuterie, preserves and pickles, warm spinach salad, ramp hummus and local Appalachian cheeses.

A taste of hill & hollow

And, each one of those - the charcuterie, the preserves - had a billion components.

A taste of hill & hollow

Entrees included Appalachian cioppino, brown sugar pork tenderloin, roasted chicken with alfalfa, braised lamb, rabbit fricassee, duck shank, spaghetti squash lasagna, wild boar cobbler, and more.

A taste of hill & hollow

Desserts included pawpaw bread pudding, rhubarb crisp, mincemeat pie, and buttermilk pie.

A taste of hill & hollow

The evening was full of delicious food, fun music and it was all for a good cause. The appetizer section had all sorts of pickled veggies - even okra.

A taste of hill & hollowPlus lots of fresh breads - like a salt-rising, which was my favorite. The ramp hummus was also to-die for. And the warm spinach salad even had its own light to keep it warm.

A taste of hill & hollowAnd local cheeses! I could've spent my entire evening at the cheese station. From soft and strong to hard and aged, cheeses here were delicious.

A taste of hill & hollowTrout fondue.

A taste of hill & hollowAppalachian cioppino.

A taste of hill & hollowPumpkin soup.

A taste of hill & hollowBrown sugar pork tenderloin.

A taste of hill & hollowRoasted chicken with alfalfa.

A taste of hill & hollowRabbit fricassee.

A taste of hill & hollowSpaghetti squash lasagna.

A taste of hill & hollowWild boar cobbler.

A taste of hill & hollowDuck shanks.

A taste of hill & hollowConfit beef poutine.

A taste of hill & hollow


A taste of hill & hollow

Paw paw bread pudding.

A taste of hill & hollowRhubarb crisp.

A taste of hill & hollowButtermilk pie.

A taste of hill & hollowMincemeat pie.

A taste of hill & hollow

Just look at that - Mmm mmmm.

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