The sweet taste of Girl Scout Cookies

By Candace Nelson - 6:43 PM

Girl Scout Cookie Taste Off

My last column in the Charleston Gazette-Mail, for now:

In these times of uncertainty, there’s one sure comfort: Girl Scout Cookies.

You know them as Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Toffee-Tastics, Girl Scout S’mores and the new Lemon-Ups.

As a young Girl Scout, I peddled the classic cookies up and down my neighborhood, vying for a coveted prize like inflatable furniture or a neon T-shirt. It was the ’90s, after all.

My love for Girl Scout Cookies began at a young age (namely, Samoas), and it’s continued throughout my life (now, Tagalongs). Not just because they’re delicious, but also because of what they represent: young women entrepreneurs learning key skills to make them leaders.

Recently, I was honored to participate in the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Taste-Off. This event featured Girl Scout-created desserts that highlighted six of the cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are no doubt tasty, but they can also be incorporated into so many desserts, which makes them very versatile. Just look at this lineup of delicious creations:

- Tagalongs Do-si-dos Cupcake
- Thin Mints Sweet and Salty Mix
- Tagalong Shake
- Girl Scout S’more Campfire Cupcakes
- Trefoils Cheesecake Cup
- Samoa Brownie Parfait
If you missed out, you can make these at home by following recipes supplied by the bakery, Little Brownie Bakers.

The desserts were truly scrumptious. Each bite was made more so knowing that the program — and organization — is dedicated to helping develop girls into leaders across the state and beyond.

Sweet in flavor and sweet in satisfaction — a match made in cookie heaven.

In full disclosure, I am employed by the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council, and opinions expressed here do not reflect or express those of the Council. They are solely my own. I’ve always loved Girl Scout Cookies, so I am excited to share my devotion — no matter where I am.

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