Barboursville Edition: Sweet & Sassy

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sweet & Sassy
Barboursville is home to some hidden gems, including Sweet & Sassy bakery.

Sweet & Sassy
The bakery is fairly nondescript, save for a sign outside that says the name of the bakery. I walked in through the gate and knocked on the front door. After I was welcomed inside, I walked to the left and saw the small shop.

Sweet & SassyThe case was stocked with fresh cupcakes: confetti, white wedding, strawberry, chocolate mint and more.

Sweet & SassySo three cupcakes caught my eye: the strawberry, the confetti and the white wedding.

Sweet & SassyThe strawberry was my favorite - super fresh and fruity and moist. The other two were more similar. But all tasty.

Sweet & SassyGrade: B

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