Fitz’s Root Beer

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Fritz root beer
Fitz's Root Beer is an iconic St. Louis soda. So, while in St. Louis - and more specifically at The Arch - I saw a four-pack that I just had to make mine. I'm not a huge root beer fan, but this was pretty tasty.

"Fitz’s Root Beer first appeared in St. Louis at a local drive-in restaurant back in 1947. Famous for its tasty draft root beer and hamburgers, Fitz’s quickly became a local tradition. After sadly disappearing for a number of years, Fitz’s Root Beer was revived in 1993 when Fitz’s Bottling Company, America’s original soda microbrewery opened in the historic and vibrant Delmar Loop. Please come watch us bottle Fitz’s Premium Sodas while sipping on a frosty mug of root beer and enjoying some good homemade food from our diverse American menu.

Fitz’s Root Beer, our flagship soda, is made according to an original recipe developed in St. Louis in 1947. Our unique formula features fine ingredients including select natural roots, spices, barks and is exclusively sweetened with all natural pure cane sugar. Thanks to its robust and creamy flavor, Fitz’s Root Beer has been recognized as one of the best root beers in the United States. We keg Fitz’s Root Beer in 15 gallon barrels in our bottling room right inside our restaurant and serve it ice cold right out of the tap. Our mugs are ‘bottomless’ so come thirsty and enjoy Fitz’s Root Beer, and our other kegged traditional sodas, including Fitz’s Diet Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Pop and Black Cherry!" - History

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