Cheat Hill

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cheat HillI think I may be one of the few people on earth who actually really, really likes cooked cabbage. I remember when my mom would make cabbage rolls, I would eat the leftover cooked cabbage. When I saw this beautiful head of cabbage, I thought of all the possibilities - mostly a summer sort of cabbage wrap. Think hoisin sauce, no tomato sauce. And Cheat Hill was at the Morgantown Farmers Market to fulfill this desire.

Cheat HillLisa provided me with some information on Cheat Hill:

Cheat Hill, former Hinnant Farm, is run by a young couple, Sarah & John Hinnant. You can find them at the farmers markets on most weekends throughout the summer selling bouquets, jams, jellies, various vegetables, and entertaining their son Henry. They have a small farm in the Cheat Lake area and hope to start a CSA in the future. They are 'newer' to the market, only being vendors for a couple of years.
They have a beautiful bounty of veggies each week! What's your favorite buy from Cheat Hill?

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