Stillwaters Restaurant at Stonewall Jackson Resort

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


On the last day of my statewide trip, I stayed at the Stonewall Jackson Resort. Quite frankly, I was just tired. So a meal at the actual resort seemed like the best idea. Plus it didn't seem like there were a ton of other dining options in the immediate area.

Stillwaters at Stonewall Jackson Resort previously had Dale Hawkins as its executive chef, a well-known chef in West Virginia. He does his own thing now, but he helped make a name for Stillwaters, which was known for serving cutting-edge Appalachian cuisine.


I planned to order something off the menu, but as we were seated, we were walked through the buffet. There were a ton of options right there - no waiting - and it was easy. No thought involved. Buffet, it was.

StillwatersThere were some apperitzer/salad bar items, like sun-dried tomato and basil pesto, potato salad, antipasta salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, and mixed greens. The main options were pork loin with beer mustard demi, broccoli with boursin gratin and whipped red potato mash.

I had a little of everything. The broccoli and boursin was especially good - but I love broccoli and cheese. The pork was a bit chewy/fatty. In general, some of the other options were lacking salt or seasoning. I feel like that's almost to be expected with a buffet.

StillwatersDessert options were OK. I most liked the mango bars, which were a bit citrus-y and refreshing. Overall, not bad ... but nothing that was too outstanding, either.

Grade: C
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