Weirton Edition: Hibachi Buffet

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Hibachi BuffetFor my dad's birthday, we went to Weirton's Hibachi Buffet. The restaurant is a Chinese buffet with a hibachi area for made-to-order entrees made of a mixture of proteins and veggies.

Hibachi Buffet

Hibachi Buffet

The dining area is actually a good bit larger than I expected, and there were a couple buffet islands full of chicken or beef doused in sweet and spicy sauces, sushi and fried eggrolls, shrimp and crab rangoons.

Hibachi BuffetHibachi BuffetI hit up a few of my favorites: The honey chicken was perfectly crispy and sweet. The crab rangoons had a nice creamy crab mixture, with a perfectly crunchy exterior. I tried a piece of sushi, and it was pretty much exactly what I thought buffet sushi would be like - not super fresh.

Hibachi BuffetI didn't try anything from the hibachi bar, but I DID find the ice cream station. I don't love that people get a scoop and literally scoop it out of the container. I can't imagine that's clean. But I put that out of my mind in exchange for a scoop of butter pecan, strawberry and cookies and cream.

Hibachi BuffetAnd if you wish, you can get it to go by the pound!

Hibachi Buffet

This is a close option for folks who don't know exactly what they like at Chinese restaurants. My mom, for example, isn't the biggest fan of Chinese food, but she does have a few she likes to try. The buffet gives them an option to pick and choose.

Grade: B
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