North End Tavern & Brewery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

North End TavernParkersburg's North End Tavern and Brewery is the oldest brewery in West Virginia, according to Thrillist. Beer from the North End Tavern is commonly found in Morgantown - usually abbreviated to N.E.T., so they've been on my radar for some time. 

North End TavernWhile we had just eaten dinner, I wanted to at least get a sampler of beer. However, I hear they do have a mean burger.

They have an impressive lineup of craft brews: Roedy's Red, Northern Light, WV Wheat, Dawk's Porter, 5-Way IPA, Blackberry Wheat and NET Root Beer.

Roedy's Red is their flagship beer. It's an amber ale with Cascade hops. It has a unique finish.

WV Wheat is a light wheat ale that has a light body. It is pretty refreshing, which makes it great for summer.

Dawk's Porter gets a good bit heavier, richer. It's full-bodied and a bit much for my palate.

The 5-Way IPA takes it up a notch and is, well, super hoppy.

The Northern Light is a much lighter goldenrod ale. Easy, smooth. Good.

The Blackberry Wheat is a lighter, fruity beer made with native blackberries. Not super fruity, but there's definitely a bit of a flavor there.

And the NET Root Beer - how cool is it that they have root beer? Definitely very good!

North End Tavern

A very cool place in Parkersburg to hang out, have a beer and get a bite to eat. What's your favorite beer from NET?

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