Hawthorne Valley Farms

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Hawthorne ValleyOK, let's chat about another Morgantown Farmers Market vendor! I picked up some ground sirloin from Hawthorne Valley Farms and just had to learn a little more. Lisa gives us a little background:

Hawthorne Valley Farm is run by an husband and wife, Liz & Frank Abruzzino in Harrison County, WV (close-ish to Clarksburg). Active in the West Virginia Cattleman's Association, they specialize in grass fed beef cattle, exclusively Black Angus. You can find their products at the farmers market, which besides beef, Liz makes vinegars, they grow award winning popcorn, herbs, veggies, and gourds, which are turned in to painted bird houses. They sell at multiple farmers markets and you can find their beef in lots of restaurants in North Central WV. Though newer vendors at the morgantown farmers market recently, they sold at the market previously closer to it's infancy. They are definitely not strangers to farming or marketing! - http://capitolbev.com/hvf/
Hawthorne ValleySo, spill! What's your favorite item from Hawthorne Valley Farms? If you haven't tried their ground beef sirloin, you must!

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