Mountain Harvest Farm LLC

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Mountain Harvest Farm

Next up on the Morgantown Farmers Market tour is Mountain Harvest Farm! A little background from Lisa:
Mountain Harvest Farm is run by husband and wife team Mary Oldham and Chico Ramirez. They met when Mary was volunteering in the Peace Corps in Chico's home country of Honduras where he sold vegetables to supermarket chains, talk about knowing how to grow big! They grow their produce at Owl Creek Farm, off the Goshen Road, owned by Linda and (recently passed) Del Yoder who provided tons of support and mentorship for them and farmers all across the area. As a recent Masters' graduate of WVU, Morgantown resident, and Value Chain Cluster Initiative employee, Mary has lots of knowledge on supply and demand, marketing, and, of course, farming. Mary & Chico use their farming powers combines to sell a variety of produce at the morgantown farmers market, local restaurants, and through their CSA, all of which can be found on their website -
Mountain Harvest FarmThese folks are great! Super knowledgable and helpful. On this trip, I got some tomatoes from them - which are so good! There's nothing quite like a fresh, ripe tomato. What's your favorite item from Mountain Harvest Farm?

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