Parkersburg Edition: The Pizza Place

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pizza placeI've heard for a long time that The Pizza Place in Parkersburg has the best pizza in the entire state - maybe anywhere. So, I was thrilled to finally get to Parkersburg and get a slice or two from The Pizza Place.

Everyday the Pizza Place brings you the best "New York Style" pizza, ever to hit the tri-state area. We use only the freshest ingredients including, perfectly blended sauces, freshly shredded 100% mozzarella cheese and 100% real pepperoni. "Our dough is made every night, so you can be sure that your pizza is made from the finest and freshest ingredients, right down to the dough itself," claims owners Frank Scotto Rinaldi, Guiseppe Scotto Rinaldi and Michele Scotto Diluzio. Check out the new menus; Dudley & Southside. Each store is slightly different. The menu items include: Sicilian and Neapolitan Pizzas, Calzones, Strombolies, Pepperoni Rolls, Garlic Breadsticks, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mister Bee Chips, Garden Salad, and our famous subs which include Philly Steak & Cheese, Pesto Chicken, Hot Italian, Ham & Cheese, Veggie, Pizza sub, and more.

The Pizza Place has locations in both North and South Parkersburg. In North Parkersburg, the Pizza Place is located at 2208 Dudley Ave. directly across from PHS. The South Parkersburg location can be found at 1410 Blizzard Dr. directly across from PSHS.
First things first, there are two locations. I consulted with my friend Steven Allen Adams to figure out which was best for the full experience. He said while there's a sort-of fight over who is the original, the original Scotto-Diluzio family runs the Dudley Avenue location. Sold.

We navigated our way here, parked and walked inside. There is a very long counter with a menu. There are two types of pizzas: Sicilian and Neapolitan. The Sicilian was a thicker crust. The Neapolitan was the large, flat slices typical of New York-style pizza. I went with a Sicilian style, because I can't get that in Morgantown, really.

Pizza placeA thick slab of pizza coated in a stringy layer of mozzarella and some puckered up pepperonis was served on a paper plate. The pepperoni right in the middle was stuck together and stacked - I kid you not - at least 10 pieces thick. I kept pulling them apart.

But holy crap, this place is pretty good. I loved the thick crust - it was like buttery, rich but crunchy on the bottom, too. Sauce was perfect, and there was cheese for days. Just the way I like it. It almost makes me want to give up Neapolitan totally. Almost.

Grade: A
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