Abingdon, VA Edition: The Balkan Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryWhile driving through Virginia and searching for something to satisfy my sweet tooth, my friend found the "Balkan Bakery."

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryWhat is a Balkan bakery, you ask? That was my question, too.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryFirst of all, the Balkans are a geographic region in southeastern Europe. This region includes the countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Slovenia.

Zazzys & Balkan BakerySo this bakery features pastries from this region.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryThat includes things like "burek," "strudla," "kifli," "ekleri," bread and crepes.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryThe Balkan Bakery is actually housed in the same building as another coffee shop, Zazzy'z.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryWhen we walked in, I first saw the menu, and I was so excited to see lots of items I've never had before.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryThere was baklava, strudla (streussel), ekleri (eclairs), kilfli (croissants), bombinci (truffles), palacinki (Balkan crepes), and more.

Zazzys & Balkan Bakery
Everything looked amazing.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryI ended up trying a spinach and feta burek, which is a filo dough puffed pastry stuffed with savory ingredients.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryAnd, I got a peanut butter balklava - which was easily the best baklava I've ever had. And it was all rolled and syrupy and amazing.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryDo you have a favorite Balkan dessert?

Balkan Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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