Seneca Rocks Edition: Front Porch Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Front Porch Restaurant

I would argue there are very few restaurants in Wet Virginia who can compete with a view like the Front Porch Restaurant has.

Front Porch RestaurantPerched across from Seneca Rocks, this restaurant has, quite literally, a front porch view of one of the most beautiful landmarks in the state.

Front Porch RestaurantThe menu features pizzas, subs, and other dinner plates. They are known for their pizzas, so I ordered one with my favorite: mushrooms.

Front Porch RestaurantAnd for dessert, I went with a lemon creme pie!

Front Porch RestaurantYummy.

Front Porch RestaurantIt's part of Harpers General Store, which has a little bit of everything. And, next door, there's Yokum's Store & Motel which has its own goodies to eat. I purchased some peanut butter fudge here.

Front Porch Restaurant

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