Princeton Edition: Appalachian Coffee House

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonI first visited Appalachian Coffee House in Mt. Nebo, and they've since expanded to Summersville and Princeton/

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonSo when passing through Princeton, I had to stop to check it out.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonPrinceton has changed so much from when I first visited, and I'm loving the new small businesses and public art.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonIt's really growing with a kombucha shop, cool coffee shop and more.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonAppalachian Coffee House has a number of coffee drink specialties. I've tried a few before so I went with a new one this time: "sweet falls" which is mocha crush with a shot of caramel.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonThey also have a variety of specialties - like honey lavender latte.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonAnd, there are pastries, too!

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonI went for a cheese bagel with cream cheese.

Appalachian coffee - Princeton... And maybe a blueberry scone, too.

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonYum!

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonHave you been to any of the locations yet?

Appalachian coffee - PrincetonAnd, if so, what have you tried?

Appalachian coffee - Princeton

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