London Edition: Dem 2 Brothers II & A Grill

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Dem 2 Bros (London)

Dem 2 Brothers is a tasty BBQ restaurant on the West Side. But did you know they also have a location in London, West Virginia?

Dem 2 Bros (London)While driving through the area one day, I saw smoke rolling from behind the building and its bright yellow exterior caught my eye.

Dem 2 Bros (London)I knew I had to check it out to get my BBQ fix.

Dem 2 Bros (London)The menu features sandwiches, dinners, sides and more. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with slaw and sweet & spicy sauce. For sides, I got potato salad and mac & cheese.

Dem 2 Bros (London)Have you been?

Dem 2 Bros (London)

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