Charleston Edition: Melange Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 6:00 PM

Melange CafeMelange Cafe is a unique restaurant offering coffee and tacos - what a great combination.

Melange Cafe

The cafe grew out of their Atlas Building location and opened a new spot at 700 Virginia Street East. The Atlas location is currently closed, but I believe the intention is to open it back up as a grab & go option.

Melange CafeThe new space is large with tons of windows and natural light, so it becomes inviting.

Melange CafeLooking over the menu, I was tempted by the waffles but ultimately decided on a taco combo.

Melange CafeI went with one steak and one pork taco, a side of Spanish rice and 2 mini muffins.

Melange CafeThe tacos are more small, street tacos with options of white onion, cilantro, salsa verde and queso fresco as toppings.

Melange CafeAnd, though I didn't get coffee on this day, I did get something to drink.

Melange CafeOn their beverage menu is a list of bubble teas.

Melange CafeAnd I had to get an original, which came loaded with boba.

Melange CafeAll in all, a tasty lunch!

Melange Cafe

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