Hurricane Edition: L&R BBQ

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

L&r bbq

Some time ago, a friend told me that L&R BBQ is the best BBQ in the state. With that kind of ringing endorsement, it shot to the top of my "to try" list - which, is quite long.

L&r bbqI made the trek to Hurricane on a snowy weekend to check it out. Walking in, there were many folks enjoying their lunch, and I took a quick look over the short menu to figure out my order.

L&r bbqI settled on the Pork BBQ Sandwich with a side of macaroni & cheese. This is my go-to because it's usually delicious.

L&r bbqAfter just a few minutes, my order was ready and I was back on the road. The sandwich was not pulled pork like I'm used to, but more thick cuts that are slathered in a tangy sweet BBQ sauce. Yum!

L&r bbq
The macaroni & cheese was a healthy portion that had just a slight bit of a kick to it!

L&r bbqWhat's your favorite BBQ in West Virginia?

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