Washington, PA Edition: DiCarlo's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

DiCarlos - Washington PA

Now that I've conquered all of the DiCarlo's within West Virginia, I'm starting to branch out into Pennsylvania and Ohio.

DiCarlos - Washington PAAnd a very convenient location for me is the Washington, PA, DiCarlo's.

DiCarlos - Washington PAThis location is on the path between Morgantown and Wellsburg - an area that I often travel.

DiCarlos - Washington PASo I called in an order of two pieces of pizza with mushrooms.

DiCarlos - Washington PAIt was so, so warm inside that I broke a sweat just waiting for the few minutes I was there.

DiCarlos - Washington PABut I did get to see they had pepperoni rolls prepared so I purchased one of those, too.

DiCarlos - Washington PAThis was a really nice rendition of a DiCarlo's slice. It's my favorite kind of cheese - the little bits, instead of shreds. Mmm.

DiCarlos - Washington PAThe pepperoni roll is large and in charge - plus a side of marinara.

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