Nashville, TN Edition: Retrograde Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Retrograde CoffeeBecause one coffee shop in Nashville is never enough, Bri and I had to hit up one more before leaving town: Retrograde Coffee.

Retrograde CoffeeRetrograde Coffee is a very modern, clean coffee shop that has beautiful brass finishes and a hipster vibe.

Retrograde Coffee

Retrograde Coffee is here! Sure, we serve a mean cup of coffee, but the shop is about more than just that. It’s a place to bring people together, a place to pause for a moment on your daily path to collect your thoughts. We hope to see you soon!
Retrograde Coffee
Bri's friend works here, so she's super familiar with the menu, but I ended up going with the Smoked Shagbark Latte.

Retrograde CoffeeThis latte has a sweet smoky flavor that was so, so good!

Retrograde CoffeeLike, I could drink this every day.

Retrograde CoffeeAnd, I went with one of these local cookies from HiFi Cookies.

Retrograde CoffeeIt's called The Bowie, and it's a funfetti cookie with white chocolate chips.

Retrograde Coffee
We love David Bowie and you should too. Have you ever heard David Bowie live at The Rainbow? Well if you haven’t you should! Anyway this cookie is awesome, filled white chocolate chips and covered in rainbow sprinkles!
Retrograde CoffeeA delicious smoky drink and a sweet cookie? There's not a better combo.

Retrograde Coffee

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