Charleston Edition: Daily Dose Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Daily DoseThere's a new coffee shop in Kanawha City.

Daily DoseDaily Dose Cafe is a cute shop offering coffees, pastries and more.

Daily DoseThe interior has these cool-toned chairs, a fireplace and a few other little seating areas.

Daily DoseLooking over the menu, I couldn't decide, so I had to go with a few different items!

Daily DoseFirst, I went for a caramel frappuccino. Always. Do you sense a trend?

Daily DoseThen, I went with a coffee cake. I really love coffee cake.

Daily DoseFinally, the thing I was most excited about: a salmon bagel.

Daily DoseIt wasn't quite a bagel & lox (no capers or red onion, either). But it hit the spot.

Daily DoseHave you been here?

Daily Dose

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