St. Albans Edition: Cali Tacos Mexican Cocina

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cali Tacos

A new Mexican restaurant opened in St. Albans: Cali Tacos.

Cali TacosThis restaurant features tacos, burritos, nachos, etc. But they have some "house plates" and other specialty items.

Cali TacosBut I saw taquitos on the menu, and it stuck out to me. AND Mexican corn. So I put in an order for both of these to go.

Cali TacosMeanwhile, I took in the ambiance. There is a cool vibe here with the dark chalkboards and pop of rainbow colors.

Cali TacosAfter a bit, my food was ready. I took it home and dug in.

Cali TacosMexican corn is one of my favorite discoveries of my 20s, and I will order it every chance I get.

Cali TacosAnd these taquitos were full of chicken tinga and topped with lettuce and queso fresco.

Cali TacosWhat's your favorite thing here?

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