Huntington Edition: Nomada Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 6:00 PM


Nomada Bakery is a brand-new bakery located at Heritage Station.

NomadaIt's in the former River & Rail Bakery location that everyone was sad to see go.

NomadaBut Nomada just opened and is serving up coffee, pastries, breads, entrees and empanadas. And this is just to start.

NomadaIt was my duty to try a little bit of everything. And who am I to shy away from duty?

NomadaFirst up is an empanada. Today, they offered pineapple, beef and chicken curry options. But since I have never had a pineapple empanada, it was the obvious choice. The dessert empanada was truly tasty and unique.

NomadaNext up - the curry chicken popover. They also had avocado & egg popovers, but I was already in the mood for lunch.

NomadaSince it was more of an entree, it was preceded with a small house salad with fresh greens, tomatoes and a vinaigrette.

NomadaThis popover was a new, different flavor for me. I love the concept, and the curry was not overpowering - just enough to fully taste all the flavors and complexity.

NomadaBut, wait, there's more. Under pastries, Nomada serves up these beautiful mini cakes. On this day, they had carrot, chocolate, orange and strawberry.

NomadaWithout missing a beat, I ordered an absolutely beautiful strawberry mini cake. Strawberry cake with a buttery delicious strawberry icing and dried strawberries - I am dreaming of this cake already.

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