Hurricane Edition: Suka Ramen

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Suka Ramen

West Virginia is now home to a ramen restaurant - the first of which I'm familiar with.

Suka RamenSuka Ramen, located in Hurricane, has more than just ramen on their menu, though. They also have sushi, poke bowls, curry and hibachi. 

Suka RamenBut since ramen is the namesake, I decided to try that out. They have a handful of main kinds: miso ramen, tonshio ramen, shoyu ramen, shio ramen and more.

Suka RamenI'm not the best person to describe these different types, but here's a quick explainer:

I ultimately ended on the "miso" ramen because I read that it's a bit sweeter. And more familiar with those of us who have had miso soup at some point. Next time, I want to try the seafood with udon, because I like my noodles a bit thicker and denser.  Which is your favorite?

Suka Ramen

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  1. I've had the ramen and the udon there and my kid even loved the udon! It may be my new go-to cold weather food, but it was a little pricey for two of us.


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