Williamstown Edition: The Yellow Jacket - Sweets and Eats

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Yellow Jacket Sweets & Eats

The Yellow Jacket - Sweets and Eats is home to what's known as "Freak Shakes."

Yellow Jacket Sweets & EatsThis restaurant serves up sandwiches, pepperoni rolls, hot dogs - and their famous shakes in Williamstown.

Yellow Jacket Sweets & EatsThey have homemade pepperoni rolls, so I had to try one. I ordered mine with marinara sauce and cheese.

Yellow Jacket Sweets & EatsThey have thick, triangular sticks in the buns, split open and topped with sauce and cheese - very Fairmont-esque.

Yellow Jacket Sweets & EatsAnd, I had to get a s'more "Freak Shake." Not only is it a tall milkshake, but it's then topped with just a ball of ice cream and THEN all the toppings. Just to get to the milkshake is a feat.

Yellow Jacket Sweets & EatsBut quite a tasty meal.

Yellow Jacket Sweets & Eats

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