Cross Lanes Edition: Mama Rosa & Market

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Mama Rosas

Mama Rosa's is a convenience store-restaurants that serves up pizza, Mediterranean dishes and other odds and ends.

Mama RosasThis business had a location on the West Side but relocated to Cross Lanes years ago.

Mama RosasSo I made my way over to this spot to check it out.

Mama RosasThey have a menu behind the calendar, a cooler with a few prepared foods, and sporadic goods spread throughout the store.

Mama RosasAfter looking over the menu, I went with an order of cheese ravioli and a side of hummus and pita. Why not try the best of both worlds?

Mama RosasFirst, I tried the small salad that came with the meal. Plus some garlic bread.

Mama RosasThe ravioli was fine - nothing too exciting.

Mama RosasThe hummus was also pretty standard.

Mama RosasWhat's your favorite thing here?

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