Charleston Edition: Sugar Pie Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sugar Pie Bakery

Sugar Pie Bakery has been located on MacCorkle Avenue but recently moved up to Corridor G.

Sugar Pie BakeryThe bakery is in the former "Zippy's" location - which I never had the chance to visit when they were open.

Sugar Pie BakeryIt's a small space, but with a drive-thru! 

Sugar Pie BakeryThe bakery was just getting started up when I visited, but they already had a bunch of options to choose from!

Sugar Pie BakeryThey had cakes, eclairs, pies, cream horns and more.

Sugar Pie Bakery

I ordered a few different things to try out.

Sugar Pie BakeryFirst, a cheesecake brownie that I absolutely devoured.

Sugar Pie BakeryThen, I tried a macaron that was almond flavored.

Sugar Pie BakeryAnd a cake ball that was funfetti flavored.

Sugar Pie BakeryI mean, you really can't go wrong with these flavors. What's your favorite?

Sugar Pie Bakery

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