Spencer Edition: Chrissy's Bakeshop

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Chrissys Bake Shop

Chrissy's Bakeshop is making a name for itself. The small bakery in Spencer is baking up some amazing specialties.

Chrissys Bake Shop They're making fresh breads during the week - some traditional and some more innovative approaches, like including figs and pecans.

Chrissys Bake ShopThey also do a variety of rolls - pepperoni rolls, ham & swiss rolls, and spinach & feta rolls. Oh my goodness. I had to get one of each.

Chrissys Bake ShopThe ham & swiss is like an updated pepperoni roll in a homestyle way. Super tasty. You can never go wrong with a pepperoni roll. And that spinach and feta may be life-changing. So good.

Chrissys Bake ShopAnd onto their sweets. They have these homemade Ding Dongs. There was a chocolate and vanilla version, and there was a more autumn-flavored version with white chocolate and spice cake.

Chrissys Bake ShopBoth were very tasty! Even though Ding Dongs aren't my favorite, these homemade versions were good.

Chrissys Bake ShopMy favorite item was the "salted caramel pecan blondie" - omg. Do not miss this if you have the opportunity.

Chrissys Bake ShopFinally, a SORGHUM cookie! Not something you see that often.

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