Parkersburg Edition: Gyro King

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Gyro King There is a new Mediterranean restaurant in Parkersburg that is serving up gyros, shawarma, and even po' boys.

Gyro King Gyro King is located on 7th Street and is a bright little space with geometric printed chairs and Mediterranean music playing.

Gyro KingSince gyro is in the name, I went for a gyro, as well as some hummus - two classics!

Gyro KingWhile waiting for it to finish up, I had a conversation with the owner, who is a renowned chef from Morocco who has worked all over. He's landed in West Virginia and looking to make a life for himself here.

Gyro KingThe gyro had delicious strips of lamb with fresh lettuce, and a giant dollop of tzatziki. Easily one of the best gyros in recent memory. Fresh, flavorful and filling. The hummus was also phenomenal - it has a thicker texture (which I liked) and a bit of a kick. Flavorful and delicious.

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