Charleston Edition: Capitol Food Court

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Capitol Cafeteria

I've been to the Capitol Food Court a billion times, but realized I hadn't written about it.

Capitol CafeteriaSo, it's time to change that, right?

Capitol CafeteriaThe food court has a few different areas.

Capitol CafeteriaThere's a salad bar with fresh toppings and veggies.

Capitol CafeteriaThere's a "Grill Station," which has sandwiches and a daily special.

Capitol CafeteriaAnd they've been having pepperoni rolls pretty regularly.

Capitol CafeteriaAnd there are soups and sometimes more on the larger buffet (though not recently).

Capitol Cafeteria
Plus there's a snack bar in Building 7, which has mostly the same items as the "Grill" area.

Capitol CafeteriaHere, I went for some cheesy bread, which was pretty tasty.

Food court snack bar

And it was convenient for Building 3.

Food court snack bar

Not too shabby.

Food court snack bar

What's your favorite?

Food court snack bar

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