Spencer Edition: Legacy Market

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Legacy MarketSpencer is home to some really cool spots, including this new-to-me one: Legacy Market.

Legacy MarketLegacy Market is half really cute shop and half coffee shop with bakery.

Legacy MarketThe goods include all sorts of mugs, pillows, shirts and more.

Legacy MarketThe cafe includes all sorts of coffee drinks - and I went with a white hot chocolate. Mmmm. So tasty and warm on a chilly day.

Legacy MarketThey also have a variety of bagel sandwiches. Pizza bagel. Lox bagel. Breakfast bagel.

Legacy MarketAnd I went with a the Buffalo Chicken Bagel, which has shredded buffalo chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Legacy MarketThis thing was PACKED with chicken - and I got it on an asiago bagel. Wow. Super good! It was so filling and just really tasty.

Legacy MarketBut there are many more items, too. Like pepperoni rolls.

Legacy MarketSo I bought a pepperjack and banana pepper pepperoni roll. I have learned I love the tang and crunch of banana peppers in pepperoni rolls.
Legacy MarketAnd, just because I can't pass up sweets, I also got a mini pecan pie!

Legacy Market

It just doesn't get any better.

Legacy Market

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