Villa Di Trapano

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Olive oil
If you saw this bottle of olive oil, you probably wouldn't think it had any connection to West Virginia. But, in fact, it does.

From a Charleston Gazette-Mail piece:

"Even though nearly 5,000 miles separate her from her family estate in Sezze Romano, Italy, Lia DiTrapano Fairless brings a piece — a taste — of Italy back with her to Charleston each time she visits.

To her, there’s nothing better than DiTrapano Oil — cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil made from olive trees surrounding Villa DiTrapano, the family’s 16-acre estate near the Mediterranean Sea. 

Since 2009, the family has been hand-harvesting the Itrana olives from the more than 400 trees in the uliveto — Italian for olive grove — to make their prized olive oil.

Until recently, they’ve just brought the oil back home in plastic containers to use for themselves and to share with close friends and relatives. But in September, Fairless said, they brought 67 cases of the bottled oil to sell in West Virginia. The first cases were stocked on shelves at The Wine Shop at Capitol Market; Eggplant on Bridge Road in Charleston; and Bella The Corner Gourmet in Lewisburg."

Have you tried it?

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