Huntington Edition: Calamity J Grill & Bar

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Calamity JCalamity J is a much beloved restaurant in Huntington that closed sometime in 2005 and recently reopened as a new iteration nearly 15 years later.

Calamity JThe restaurant focuses on "food from the sun." In my mind, that means dishes that can be a bit fiery. Like a jalapeno shrimp pasta, sun-dried penne pasta and hot pepper cheese bites.

Calamity J

"We emphasize a 'food from the sun' cuisine that is a blend of Southwest & Soul. We strongly welcome people of all walks because we believe it is the same walk. And please, don't ever hesitate to offer us suggestions, complaints, or compliments."

Calamity JOne thing I've heard about is their "cheese soup," so I knew I had to try a cup of it. It comes topped with bacon and croutons, which is the perfect crunchy complement to the velvety, cheesy soup. It's almost a strange experience to spoon cheese right onto your mouth - I'm not complaining - but I could also see this as just being a delicious dip or topping over a burrito.

Calamity J
I also ordered the "Shotgun Rolls," which are southwest eggrolls with cadillac ranch. Wow. These crunch little bites of heaven are mind-blowing. I love the crunch, the perfect blend of ingredients and the little bit of a kick with the ranch. Really, really good.

Calamity J
What's your favorite thing here?

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