Charleston Edition: Smoked Up, Sauced Out

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Smoked Up Sauced out

Rounding out my trio of brand-new BBQ spots in Charleston is Smoked Up, Sauced Out.

Smoked Up Sauced outLocated in South Charleston, this restaurant replaced Lem's Meat Varnish - but it is still selling their sauces. 

Smoked Up Sauced out
It is takeout only, which I didn't realize, so make sure you have somewhere to go to chow down on your lunch.

Smoked Up Sauced outFor my entree, I went with pulled pork nachos and got sides of the tangy gold, and sweet & smokey BBQ. I think putting the actual BBQ on this will make it a bit saucier and delicious, but this was still solid. I wouldn't hate the cheese to be melted and more sour cream. But not bad.

Grade: B

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