Morgantown Edition: Rawabi

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM


Rawabi is a brand-new restaurant on High Street in Morgantown. It replaced Jasmine Grill. It serves up Mediterranean food, including falafel, gyro, kebab, shawarma and hummus - or those just tend to be my favorites.

RawabiMy friend Sam and I went to check it out right when they opened. They weren't open at the time I thought they would be, so we killed some time and came back to see all the lights on and folks dining inside.

RawabiSo, we walked in to the large space. Lots of images of food on the walls and decorations. There's a large cooler in front that displays fresh fruits and other prepared items.

RawabiThe menu is a good size, so I spent some time looking through it.

RawabiMain entrees include shish tawook and shawarma. Traditional plates included lamb shank and roasted chicken.
RawabiThen, there are sandwiches like falafel wrap, gyros, kebabs, and more. Plus, they have a ton of coffee - including Turkish coffee, which Sam enjoyed.

RawabiIt's pretty strong - but take a look at that beautiful serving ware!

RawabiBut wait, there's more! Hummus, kibbeh, fries, tabbouleh, grape leaves, and then fatayer - which looked beautiful and I don't think I've ever had before. I ordered the veggie platter 1, which had hummus, falafel, grape leaves and tabbouli and tahini sauce. Plus the cheese fatayer.

RawabiThe veggie platter was great - I especially looove the garlic sauce and the grape leaves were great.

RawabiThe fatayer is kinda like a cheesy bread, but even more herby and tasty. Then, we were even treated to little bites of baklava! Can't get enough of all the goodies here.

RawabiGrade: B

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