Carnaval X

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

CarnavalCarnaval is the Clay Center's annual fundraiser that draws a huge crowd. This year was its 10th anniversary, and I was excited to finally make one.

CarnavalCarnaval is kind of like a giant party - all in the name of philanthropy. The theme this year was Greek, so I was decked out in a drapey dress with gold accessories.

CarnavalThere are drinks - like a house old fashioned, which was absolutely delicious.

CarnavalThere was an entire Mediterranean-themed spread with ceviche, roasted vegetables, hummus, orzo and more.

CarnavalJust look at how lovely!

In addition to the food, though, there were performances, dancing, and to-go snacks: golden candies and Little Caesar's!

CarnavalHave you ever been?

CarnavalWhat's been your favorite year?


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