Teays Valley Edition: Belknap Dough Company

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Belknap Dough Co
Belknap Dough Company is a mobile wood-fired, brick-oven pizza food truck. They can be found setting up shop around the Teays Valley area, and they always post on their Facebook where they will be. So I got lucky one day recently and caught them out and about.

Belknap Dough CoThey serve up some standard pizzas, like cheese, pepperoni, sausage, then "Piggie Pie" which has sausage, bacon and ham. And then there's the Buffalo Chicken, which has a garlic base, buffalo chicken, and a ranch drizzle. That one sounded the most exciting, so it had my vote.

Belknap Dough CoFirst of all, it looks fabulous.  That is one inviting pie. And biting into it, I was instantly hit with a ton of cheese, a hint of garlic and a little heat from the buffalo sauce. A classic combination that's brought to life on a fresh pizza dough. This is definitely a tasty pie.

Grade: A

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